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Lodisoft Internacional S.L. registered owners of the name and trademark Accu-Type offers, amongst other versions, the possibility to carry out the course on our Internet server after contracting the service and formalising payment.

In order to provide the service with maximum efficiency, FDA has an exclusively dedicated server with a notable Spanish service provider in Madrid, using a wide band which greatly exceeds the expected use. However, please take into consideration that if the speed at some time becomes slower, this may be due to several reasons, particularly if the access provider for users/ clients is saturated, and also individual access may be affected by many factors. In particular the type of access to Internet, and the time, are very important. It is well known that at certain hours Internet access may suffer saturation, thus affecting negatively in the speed of the connection.

FDA has contracted a service which undertakes taking regular safety copies, but still in given moments, for example through a fault in the computer etc, it may be necessary to re-install a copy which will imply a small delay, and may need for student/s to repeat an exercise already done. This is not a problem and will make no difference in the running of the course.

There is a time limit established for the execution of the courses: six months for individual students, and twelve months for corporative contracts or schools. Other options may be arranged apart from these standards.

The administrators should take into account that once the time limit has been reached, access to the course will be denied, including those students which have not yet finalised the course.

Once the access information has been provided, with a password for the administrator, the company/school is responsable for entering the student information and configuring the courses. It is their responsibility also to provide each student with their own password and to keep note of them as FDA holds no responsibility for lost students/passwords. FDA has no means of recuperating lost passwords.

It is strictly forbidden to try to access the server via any unauthorised system other than that permitted and indicated by FDA. Any illegal access discovered will result in the loss of the account, and any rights of that person/company. FDA reserves the right to take legal action against the person or person who contracts the service in the name of a company, in the case of violation of this rule.

The system will produce a certificate for each student at the completion of the course with the final results achieved. However we are not responsable for the authentification of these details, having no control over the identification of the person whose details appear on the certificate. Each school or company will be responsable for verifying the names appearing on the certificate with the actual person who has carried out the course.

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